Clinical Supervision

I am honored to provide clinical supervision for CSWAs in the state of Oregon. 

My supervision style is relational, reflective, and rooted in social constructionist and attachment theories. Additionally I am a LGBTQ+ affirming provider and am committed to anti-oppressive social work practice. My approach to clinical supervision is tailored to each CSWA's goals and needs. Supporting fellow social workers in their professional development is a passion of mine and I would be honored to play a role in your LCSW completion journey.

I am available to meet for individual supervision sessions anywhere from once a month (if you are also in a supervision group, otherwise minimum is twice monthly) to weekly depending on the CSWA's preference. Additionally I offer group CSWA supervision.

-Individual supervision: $75/60 minute session due at the time of service.
-Group supervision: $40/90 minute session due at the time of service.
*I offer reduced rates for CSWAs working within the child welfare system

For more information or to schedule a phone consultation please call 503-915-7463